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Thu, Nov 7, 2013
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George Palaganas
Wed, Nov 7, 2012

Cover Photos of Cool Dela Peña

George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas's photo.

#PalaganasFamily #Facebook #EsperanzaPalaganas #GeorgePalaganas #PalaganasAncestry https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=483727315005803&set=a.483726841672517.115554.100001056152867&type=1&theater On 07-Nov-2012, George Palaganas posted a comment on a photo by Esperanza Palaganas-obligado . From George Palaganas: “HI SIS! Kamukha ni ANGELO(anak ni Atching Angel(INJILL)…l kasama si JOLLIBEE! LOL! smile emoticon

Esperanza Palaganas-obligado's photo.

#USElections #Elections2012 #BarrackObamaWins #November6ELECTIONS #Quadrennial57th #UnitedStates Congratulations to US President Barrack Hussein Obama for getting RE-ELECTED! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4088426255481&set=a.3007582675067.2132900.1427450153&type=3&theater

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George Palaganas
George Palaganas After election, Democrats keep control of Senate and GOP control House
By Brendan James | The Ticket – 1 hr 52 mins ago





For all its unpopularity, Congress has emerged from election night largely the same, with Democrats holding a majority of the Senate and Republicans in control of the House.

The Senate

That’s not to say there won’t be fresh faces in the next session: in Massachusetts, Tuesday’s election saw Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren defeat incumbent Sen. Scott Brown, confirming her status as a rising star in the Democratic Party.

Democrats gained another victory with the second term of Claire McCaskill who took Missouri’s Senate seat over Republican congressman Todd Akin. The GOP candidate’s remarks on abortion made news this year and appalled many Americans both inside and outside the state.

Tim Kaine, who ran against former Sen. George Allen, has won the Democrats a Senate seat in Virginia. Another toss-up race, Indiana, went to Democrat Joe Donnelly as Republican Richard Mourdock fell behind, potentially due to his own recent controversial remarks about rape.

One Democratic victory in particular cost a Republican challenger dearly: Democrat Chris Murphy has won Connecticut’s bombastic Senate race, defeating Republican and former WWE president Linda McMahon. Combined with her previous bid in 2010, McMahon has dropped $100 million of her own personal fortune to pursue a Senate seat.

Other Democrats also won re-election to the Senate: Bill Nelson in Florida, Sheldon Whitehouse in Rhode Island, Ben Cardin in Maryland and Tom Carper in Delaware. Meanwhile, in Tennessee, Republican Sen. Bob Corker held onto his seat.

Also, some history was made when Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) beat Republican Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, becoming the country’s first openly gay senator.

Elsewhere, it’s been a good night for Independents. In Vermont, independent junior Senator Bernie Sanders has won re-election, while in Maine, former Governor Angus King has won the Senate seat of retiring GOP moderate Olympia Snowe.

The House

Networks have projected Joe Kennedy III as winner of Massachusetts’ 4th congressional district, taking over for prominent Democrat Barney Frank.

Michele Bachmann is still fighting an unexpectedly tough race against the Democratic challenger, Jim Graves.

In Utah’s 4th district, Mia Love may become the first black, female Republican to serve in the House, if she wins the race against one of the last Blue Dog Democrats, Jim Matheson. Early reports show Matheson with a 51 percent to 47 percent lead, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

In Florida, the abusive race between Tea Party darling Allen West and Democrat Patrick Murphy remains a tossup in the 18th district, with Allen gaining a slight lead, according to local NBC station WPTV.

Another Tea Party candidate, junior Rep. Republican Bobby Schilling lost in Illinois’ 17th district, to Democrat and former journalist Cheri Bustos.

And California’s 10th district sees a tight race between “Astro Jose” Jose Hernandez, former astronaut, and Jeff Denham, a Republican freshman.

George Palaganas
George Palaganas Barack Obama wins election for second term as president
By Liz Goodwin, Yahoo! News | The Ticket – 1 hr 41 mins ago





President Barack Obama handily defeated Gov. Mitt Romney and won himself a second term Tuesday after a bitter and historically expensive race that was primarily fought in just a handful of battleground states. Obama beat Romney after nabbing almost every one of the crucial battleground states.

The Romney campaign’s last-ditch attempt to put blue-leaning Midwestern swing states in play failed as Obama’s Midwestern firewall sent the president back to the White House for four more years. Obama picked up the swing states of New Hampshire, Michigan, New Mexico, Iowa, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Ohio. Of the swing states, Romney only picked up North Carolina. Florida is still too close to call, but even if Romney won the state, Obama still handily beats him in the Electoral College vote. The popular vote will most likely be much narrower than the president’s decisive Electoral College victory.

The Obama victory marks an end to a years-long campaign that saw historic advertisement spending levels, countless rallies and speeches, and three much-watched debates.

The Romney campaign cast the election as a referendum on Obama’s economic policies, frequently comparing him to former President Jimmy Carter and asking voters the Reagan-esque question of whether they are better off than they were four years ago. But the Obama campaign pushed back on the referendum framing, blanketing key states such as Ohio early on with ads painting him as a multimillionaire more concerned with profits than people. The Obama campaign also aggressively attacked Romney on reproductive rights issues, tying Romney to a handful of Republican candidates who made controversial comments about rape and abortion.

These ads were one reason Romney faced a steep likeability problem for most of the race, until his expert performance at the first presidential debate in Denver in October. After that debate, and a near universal panning of Obama’s performance, Romney caught up with Obama in national polls, and almost closed his favoribility gap with the president. In polls, voters consistently gave him an edge over Obama on who would handle the economy better and create more jobs, even as they rated Obama higher on caring about the middle class.

But the president’s Midwestern firewall–and the campaign’s impressive grassroots operation–carried him through. Ohio tends to vote a bit more Republican than the nation as a whole, but Obama was able to stave off that trend and hold an edge there over Romney, perhaps due to the president’s support of the auto bailout three years ago. Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan all but moved to Ohio in the last weeks of the campaign, trying and ultimately failing to erase Obama’s lead there.

A shrinking electoral battleground this year meant that only 14 states were really seen as in play, and both candidates spent most of their time and money there. Though national polls showed the two candidates in a dead heat, Obama consistently held a lead in the states that mattered. That, and his campaign’s much-touted get out the vote efforts and overall ground game, may be what pushed Obama over the finish line.

Now, Obama heads back to office facing what will most likely be bitterly partisan negotiations over whether the Bush tax cuts should expire. The House will still be majority Republican, with Democrats maintaining their majority in the Senate.

The loss may provoke some soul searching in the Republican Party. This election was seen as a prime opportunity to unseat Obama, as polls showed Americans were unhappy with a sluggish economy, sky-high unemployment, and a health care reform bill that remained widely unpopular. Romney took hardline positions on immigration, federal spending, and taxes during the long Republican primary when he faced multiple challenges from the right. He later shifted to the center in tone on many of those issues, but it’s possible the primary painted him into a too-conservative corner to appeal to moderates during the general election. The candidate also at times seemed unable to effectively counter Democratic attacks on his business experience and personal wealth.

George Palaganas
George Palaganas Subject:How this happened
Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 1:16 PM

“Barack Obama” <info@barackobama.com>
View contact details
“George Palaganas” <drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com>
George —

I’m about to go speak to the crowd here in Chicago, but I wanted to thank you first.

I want you to know that this wasn’t fate, and it wasn’t an accident. You made this happen.

You organized yourselves block by block. You took ownership of this campaign five and ten dollars at a time. And when it wasn’t easy, you pressed forward.

I will spend the rest of my presidency honoring your support, and doing what I can to finish what we started.

But I want you to take real pride, as I do, in how we got the chance in the first place.

Today is the clearest proof yet that, against the odds, ordinary Americans can overcome powerful interests.

There’s a lot more work to do.

But for right now: Thank you.




Contributions or gifts to Obama Victory Fund 2012 are not tax deductible.

The first $2,500 from a contributor to Obama Victory Fund 2012 will be allocated to Obama for America, designated for the general election. The next $30,800 from a contributor will be allocated to the Democratic National Committee. Any additional amount(s) from a contributor will be divided among the State Democratic Party Committees as follows, up to $10,000 per committee and subject to the biennial aggregate limits: OH (24%), FL (15%); WI (12%); IA (10%); NV (10%); VA (9%); CO (7%); NC (7%); PA (3%); and NH (3%). A contributor may designate a contribution for a particular participant. This allocation formula may change if following it would result in an excessive contribution. Contributions will be used in connection with a Federal election, may be spent on any activities of the participants as each committee determines in its sole discretion, and will not be earmarked for any particular candidate

This email was sent to: drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com.

George Palaganas

#USElections #Elections2012 #USPresidentBarrackObama #November6ELECTIONS #Quadrennial57th #UnitedStates ELECTIONS FEVER! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4087059381310&set=a.3007582675067.2132900.1427450153&type=3&theater

George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Scenes from Election Day: America heads to the polls
By Liz Goodwin, Yahoo! News | The Ticket – 7 hrs ago





A polling station in Los Angeles, Calif., Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The most expensive presidential race in American history—some $2.6 billion was spent—is finally coming to an end. The barrage of political ads is quieting, and voters now have the chance to speak.

Polls close in Virginia, Indiana, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Vermont at 7 p.m. ET, with other states following close behind. Alaska’s polling stations, the last to close, finally shutter at 1 a.m. on Wednesday. In the meantime, we’ll be gathering all the latest news about the candidates, polling stations and swing states, here.

6:01 PM: Follow all of the election results live at the Yahoo! News Control Room site.

4:57 PM A number of voters have shown up to polling stations dressed as Big Bird from PBS’s “Sesame Street.”

4:14 PM: The youth vote was instrumental in Barack Obama’s 2008 victory, but this may be taking things too far. Twitter user Jon Henke posts a picture of “Documented voter fraud!”Big Bird has a vested interest in getting out to vote this year. (Twitter)

3:45 PM: A Michigan voter whose heart stopped at the polls was revived by nurse Ty Houston, who says the man’s first words upon regaining consciousness were, “Did I vote?”

3:01 PM: If you thought it was a hassle for you to vote today, we’d like you to meet Galicia Malone. The 21-year-old first-time voter from Illinois managed to cast her ballot today even though she was in labor.

3:00 PM: A Washington, D.C., woman posted this photo of someone dressed in a full-body Big Bird suit waiting in line to vote.

2:50 PM: Check out this series of photos of voters in Queens, who took a break from trying to salvage their Sandy-hit homes to vote in makeshift voting stations today.

2:40 PM: Guess they’re not too nervous for a big lunch. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney grabbed lunch at a Wendy’s in a Cleveland suburb after stopping by a campaign office. Here’s a photo of them greeting the staff. Joe Biden, meanwhile, grabbed lunch at a local restaurant in Sterling, Virginia, where he had a Cobb salad.

2:38 PM: For the third day in a row, Joe Biden and Mitt Romney’s planes passed each other on the tarmac. This time, in Cleveland.

2:30 PM: A judge has ordered officials to cover up the Obama mural in a Philadelphia polling place that raised controversy earlier today.

1:45 PM: NBC has confirmed that an electronic voting machine in Pennsylvania changed a vote from Obama to Romney earlier today. The machine has been taken out of service.

1:20 PM: An estimated 50 million eligible Americans will not vote today. Here’s why.

1:00 PM: Better late than never? Google searches for “who’s running for president” spiked in November.

12:25 PM: You might want to think twice before posting your filled-out ballot to Facebook, Flickr, or Instagram. Propublica reports that some states have laws that prohibit people from showing their ballots to anyone. Violating the rule can result in having your ballot thrown out. See if it’s legal in your state at the Citizen Media Law Project site.

12:18 PM: In Washington D.C., there are reports that some lines are so long at polling sites that people are giving up on voting. How was your polling place? Let us know in the comments.

People leaving my polling station said it took them over two hours to vote.

— Pedro da Costa (@pdacosta) November 6, 2012

12 PM: Republican National Committee official Tim Miller is complaining on Twitter that a Philadelphia polling place has put up voting booths right next to a mural of Obama. The location of the polling site is 35th ward-D18 Franklin School, according to the Weekly Standard. Miller wrote that the Pennsylvania GOP has filed a complaint. Electioneering is not allowed within 10 feet of a polling place. The Philadelphia City Commissioners’ office is looking into the complaints.

Obama mural in Philadelphia (Tim Miller)

11:40 AM: Elections officials in Pinellas County in Florida mistakenly sent hundreds of robocalls telling voters they had until 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday to vote, the Tampa Bay Times reports. (The last polls in the state close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday.) Elections officials sent a second message to alert voters who received the calls of the mistake. A majority of the county voted Democratic in 2008.

11 AM: A Chrysler official wrote on Twitter that the car company has given its entire workforce the day off to vote. (He added that the auto workers union and Chrysler, GM and Ford have agreed for years that workers get the day off to vote.) Late last month the company had strongly denied the accuracy of an ad from Mitt Romney’s campaign stating that the automaker was moving its Jeep production to China. The company, in fact, said it recently added 1,100 jobs in the swing state of Ohio, where one in eight jobs is connected to the auto industry.

Chrysler gave its entire work force the day off to Vote Today! Let’s go! #America

— Ralph Gilles (@RalphGilles) November 6, 2012

10 AM: All four major candidates have cast their ballots. President Barack Obama voted weeks ago in Chicago as part of his campaign’s push to get the supporters to vote early in states that allow it. Voting on Tuesday: Vice President Joe Biden, at a Wilmington, Del., high school; Gov. Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, near their Belmont, Mass., home; and Paul Ryan cast his ballot in his hometown of Janesville, Wis.

9:40 AM: The first election results are in—and it’s a tie. In New Hampshire, Dixville Notch’s 10 registered votes split evenly 5-5 between Romney and Obama. The small village has cast its ballots at midnight since 1960, giving political junkies an early look at how candidates are faring in the Granite State. President Obama carried the small village in 2008, but Dixville Notch went to George W. Bush in both 2000 and 2004.

George Palaganas
George Palaganas Town has a population of 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded…

buford wyomingSee More

A panorama of Buford, Wyoming. Population 1. Highest town between NY and SF on I-80
George Palaganas
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Mon, Nov 7, 2011

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv0UzpyEgdk I slept most of the time with the 4 hours HEAT(Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, etc) movie at Megamall back in the 90’s. All what I have seen in the movie was the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes. smile emoticon

House Speaker on the struggle in Congress to create jobs and cut the deficit.
George Palaganas
George Palaganas http://news.yahoo.com/boehner-says-friendship-obama…

Boehner says his friendship with Obama has cooled
APAP – 19 hrs ago




U.S. slideshows

Sex abuse scandal rocks Penn State

7 photos – Sat, Nov 5, 2011

2011 NYC Marathon

22 photos – 16 hrs ago

The Breeders’ Cup

27 photos – Sat, Nov 5, 2011

See latest photos »

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker John Boehner says his relationship with one-time golf partner President Barack Obama has grown “a little frosty.”

The Ohio Republican complains in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” that Obama is engaging in what Boehner calls “class warfare” by pushing for higher taxes for wealthy Americans.

Boehner says the rich pay enough taxes and it’s wrong for the president to “pit one set of Americans against another.”

Boehner says he and Obama have had a good relationship in the past, but it has grown cool in the last few weeks.

The Republican speaker and Democratic president played a round of golf together last summer in a mostly futile effort to bridge the ever-widening gap between the two political parties.

George Palaganas
George Palaganas Thanks to YOUTUBE, I may have the chance to “bridge the gap” about the movie! smile emoticon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xbBLJ1WGwQ

Trailer for Michael Mann’s film starring Al Pacino,Robert De Niro,Val Kilmer,Jon…
George Palaganas
George Palaganas No, I slept all through the movie not because it is lousy. I was all so “boozed” the night before on a “Sabado Night” splurge! smile emoticon

George Palaganas
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On 07-Nov-2011, George Palaganas made this comment at YOUTUBE as manilascooltalk
“The First Winner of Miss World Philippines Gwendolyn Ruias(Miss World Philippines 2011) went to become the first runner-up for Miss World 2011. It’s been so long since we are close to bringing home the title(if I am not mistakened it was still in the 80’s when we had a first runner-up. Ruffa Gutierrez was second runner-up in the 90’s and she did not go through the Mutya Ng Pilipinas route(the official sender then of contestants). smile emoticonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUaPS__tOYw

Miss Philippines as Ms World 1st Runner Up.

http://news.yahoo.com/…/miss-venezula-ivian-sarcos-c-reacts… Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos is Miss World 2011

View World Events pictures on Yahoo! News. See World Events photos and find more pictures in our photo galleries.
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Miss Venezuela wins Miss World crown
By Robin Millard | AFP – 4 hrs ago




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Miss Venezula Ivian Sarcos (C) reacts after winning Miss World 2011 at Earls Court in London

Miss Venezula Ivian Sarcos (C) reacts after winning Miss World 2011 at Earls Court …

Miss Venezula Ivian Sarcos reacts after winning Miss World 2011 at Earls Court in London

Miss Venezula Ivian Sarcos reacts after winning Miss World 2011 at Earls Court in …

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Miss Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos, was crowned the 2011 winner of the Miss World beauty pageant on Sunday at a glittering final ceremony in London.

Wearing a pink dress with diamante studs that had a giant cascade of frills slashed below the waist, the 22-year-old gasped and threw her hands to her face as she was declared the winner.

“I felt the most gorgeous woman in the world. I was so happy and I wanted to shout, to cry, to stand still and to smile. So many emotions,” she told AFP.

“I’m incredibly happy for this moment, for this opportunity and for winning and I’m grateful with my life.”

Sarcos, who was brought up in a nunnery after being orphaned aged eight, has a human resources degree and works for a broadcasting company.

Last year’s Miss World, Alexandria Mills of the United States, took off her sparkling crown and placed it on her successor’s head as Sarcos sat in a shimmering silver throne.

Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Ruais, was named the runner-up, while Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Perez, came third in the contest, which was back in its home city to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Some 113 beauty queens from Albania to Zimbabwe took their place on the stage at the Earls Court Two auditorium in west London, with the show being broadcast live to an estimated audience of more than one billion viewers in 150 countries.

Around 50 feminists rallied outside, waving placards reading “Objectification won’t achieve world peace”, “Being a woman is not a competition” and “Sexism is pretty ugly”.

A handful were veterans of the infamous 1970 Miss World final protest, when stink bombs were hurled on stage during a noisy demonstration.

The thousands of fans inside — many dressed to the nines — cheered, waved flags and shouted for their favourites.

Several point-scoring rounds were held over the previous two weeks during the contestants’ tour of Britain, with the results revealed on stage and the top 15 going through to the semi-finals.

While beauty remains central to the event, brains, skills and good causes also play a major role. The majority of this year’s have degree-level education and can speak at least three languages.

Miss Venezuela topped the interview round; Miss Dominican Republic, Marianly Tejada Burgos, was named the sports champion; home favourite Miss England, Alize Lily Mounter, won beach beauty, the classic swimwear contest, while Miss Kazakhstan, Zhanna Zhumaliyeva, was named top model.

The crowd were played clips from the talent round — where performers sang, danced and gave piano recitals — won by Miss Chile, Gabriela Pulgar Luco.

Miss Ghana, Stephanie Karikari, and Miss Indonesia, Astrid Yunadi, were the joint winners of the beauty with a purpose category, where contestants can highlight a charity project.

With the scores collated, Miss Puerto Rico topped the leaderboard, ahead of Miss Venezuela, Miss Philippines, Miss Ukraine and Miss Scotland.

The final seven — chosen by the judges, who included nine former Miss Worlds — were Miss England, Miss Korea, Miss Philippines, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Scotland, Miss South Africa and Miss Venezuela.

Just before the winner was announced, a message of support from former South African president Nelson Mandela was read out on stage by one of his grandsons, backing their work “empowering young people to be of service to their communities.”

The contest’s charitable programme, set up 40 years ago, has raised $800 million (580 million euros) to date.

Sarcos’s victory means that Venezuela now tops the all-time leaderboard alone with six titles, pulling clear of India and the United Kingdom.

“Winning means everything to me and I hope to take advantage of being a winner in a productive manner,” the 61st Miss World said.

“I first and foremost want to help people in need.

“I would like to help people like me. I am an orphan. I would also like to help the elderly and troubled teenagers. As many people as I can.”

The pageant was first held for the 1951 Festival of Britain and was staged in London until 1989.

Former contestants include Oscar-winning US actress Halle Berry, a 1986 finalist, and 1994 winner Aishwarya Rai, the Indian movie star.

It was announced that the Miss World final will go straight back to China for 2012, this time to Ordos in Inner Mongolia.

George Palaganas
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http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2279840201960&set=a.2271420591475.2117963.1427450153&type=1&theater Last Night’s Concert at the Circle billed as KONSIYERTO PARA SA KAPAYAPAAN was another treat for CIRCLE regulars and Muslim participants alike as a free concert was mounted for the culmination of the 3 day caravan from Mindanao to Manila as a call for PEACE! (see related news on the comment).

George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas
George Palaganas 3-day caravan from Mindanao to Manila calls for peace
By Erwin Mascariñas | Thursday| November 3, 2011 | Filed under: Top Stories

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (MindaNews/2 Nov) – Around 50 vehicles coming from several civil society organizations headed by the Reform ARMM Now (RAN) are expected to join a caravan for peace from this city to Quezon City to push the idea of calling for peace instead of the all-out war being pushed by some quarters.

The caravan that would travel 1,900 kilometers from Nov. 3 to 5 will culminate in a peace concert on Nov. 7. The activity will launch the “RAN for Peace” or “Lakbayan para sa Kapayapaan” which would kick off at Kiosko Kagawasan at Divisoria Park here starting 1 p.m. on Nov. 3.

“We believe that in war, there are no victors but victims,” said RAN chairperson Salic Ibrahim.

He said the activity is a collective effort among stakeholders in Mindanao to show opposition to and sentiments about the call for an all-out war. “We firmly believe that through our concerned efforts we can contribute to the attainment of meaningful peace in ARMM (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao) and in Mindanao as a whole,” Ibrahim said.

Tom Villarin of Akbayan-Mindanao said his group’s main purpose in joining the caravan is to spread the message of peace all throughout the Philippines.

“The proponents of the peace caravan believe that the message of peace and the impact of war should be understood by the people, especially those who are not living in war-affected areas,” says Villarin.

RAN coordinator Khal Mambuay-Campong added that several other vehicles will join the group to as far as Surigao City to send off the group that would be crossing to Leyte by ferry.

Other groups joining the caravan are the Bangsamoro Solidarity Movement (BANGSA), Anak Mindanao, Bishop-Ulama Council, Young Moro Professionals Network and the Service for Peace Mindanao.

Participants will be coming from Tawi-tawi, Sulu, Basilan, Zamboanga peninsula, Lanao, Maguindanao, Davao and Bukidnon. The convoy will have short stops to hold programs and dialogues in the cities of Butuan in Mindanao, Tacloban in Leyte, Calamba in Laguna and Legaspi in Albay.

On Nov. 6, the Muslim participants will pray all together on Eidl Adha at the Quezon City Memorial Circle. Then on November 7, the group will have a dialogue with the different sectors and a peace concert to culminate the activities. (Erwin Mascarinas / MindaNews)

George Palaganas
George Palaganas KARYLLE(male) was a revelation last night as he belted out two songs and one of it was Wency Cornejo’s HANGGANG( There’s Only You My Love on the MILLENNIUM MAN the musical). So other than JOSH, we can have him as a prospect for the role of the MILLENNIUM MAN on the stage. Other prospects are GAB of GAB & JOSH Band, Lance Raymundo, Jimmy Bondoc and Cesar Montano! smile emoticon

George Palaganas
George Palaganas Dako is a Mayor Herbert Bautista teener look-alike. Only Dako is not wearing spectacles and on crew cut. He did the FINALE numbers last night at the KONSIYERTO PARA SA KAPAYAPAAN Concert. Most applauded among the performers last night were Cesar Montano and his bandmates. Next comes Imago who was as mesmerizing as her performance Thursday night at the Quezon City Hall Grounds. Instead of her left-shoulder bared Kukur mini with flabber wings on the side that made her “look-like pregnant”, she wore a pair of jeans this time. smile emoticon

George Palaganas
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George Palaganas at Where was this photo taken?
George Palaganas's photo.
Sat, Nov 7, 2009
George Palaganas Flag this message
Re: I: [CHSTBATCH87] Fw: A small requestFriday, November 6, 2009 8:29 PM
From: “Dr George Cainglet Palaganas” <drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com>View contact details

To: “Ma. Jesusa Agapito” <suzanne_0803@yahoo.it>

07-November-2009 Saturday

Hi Toots!

Thanks for the RECALL! You don’t know how it is to be 41 and forgetting these things until you are there yourself! LOL! Give my regards to Angelito! Have you got kids?

Until then,

George Cainglet Palaganas, Ph.D.
Current Mailing Address:(as of 19-June-2009)
#21 Zamora St. Purok Maligaya 2
Barangay Poblacion SUR
2307 PANIQUI Tarlac
Phone: 001-206-339-2624 Washington Voicemailbox
Fax: 001-206-339-9327
e-mail: georgepalaganas@yahoo.com.ph
Professional Regulatory Commission License No. 0029594-98 Assistant Electrical Engineer
Automated Phone Query: 00632-917-7777 SSSNo.:02-0837587-0 B-day:10/19/1968
URL http://drgeorgecaingletpalaganas.xanga.com
Also Click

— On Fri, 11/6/09, Ma. Jesusa Agapito <suzanne_0803@yahoo.it> wrote:

From: Ma. Jesusa Agapito <suzanne_0803@yahoo.it>
Subject: I: [CHSTBATCH87] Fw: A small request
To: “george palaganas” <drgeorgecaingletpalaganas@yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, November 6, 2009, 9:21 AM

hi george how’re you? my real name maria jesusa manlapaz-agapito,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do keep in touch, GBU

George Palaganas

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